Roberto Mieres

by lureofspeed

Roberto Mieres by H*B
Roberto Mieres, a photo by H*B on Flickr.

Stamped 10 May 1951 and 11 Feb 1955, from a Latin American photo agency reportedly now out of business, it is assumed these dates represent when the image was used. The interesting thing is whilst chopping the photo about for use, someone decided he looked better with a moustache. He’s not a moustache wearer, he’s just drawn that way.

Roberto Mieres (born December 3, 1924) is a former racing driver from Mar del Plata, Argentina. He participated in 17 Formula One World Championship Grands Prix, debuting on June 7, 1953. He scored a total of 13 championship points. (

On the reverse, in Spanish:  “Proving his talent at the wheel Roberto Mieres again puts his heart and skill into various tests that have just finished in our Capital, where together with the greats of world motoring he gave a magnificent performance”.

Any thoughts on the car or background to this shot are much appreciated.

[Update: Thanks to fantastic help on the LoS Facebook page, this car has been identified as the 2300 Alfa Romeo Mieres shared with Adolfo Schwelm Cruz and Roberto Bonomi. The Club symbol on the scuttle was the badge of their team, which also ran an ex-Varzi Bugatti Type 51 in the immediate post-war era in Argentina and beyond. More to be found if you can find a copy of ‘Alfa Romeo in Argentina‘]