James Leasor – Thrillers for Vintage Lovers

by lureofspeed

James Leasor was a prolific author. He wrote much non-fiction, including forensically researched works on various events in WWII, and pioneered the sort of narrative history much in vogue in his biography of Franz Von Werra (the first axis escapee to return home and into action – a rattling good read and excellent film). Leasor also turned out a stream of highly competent, page-turning thrillers.

For vintage car enthusiasts Leasor is of particular interest – his lifelong love for his Cord 810 and SS100 shine through in his work. The Cord is a constant companion of his hero Jason Love, but three works in particular focus on the old car world of the sixties and seventies:

Never Had a Spanner on Her

A Host of Extras

(The photo should take you to the excellent Eion Young books and memorabilia site)

They Don’t Make them Like That Any More – Even the VSCC liked it:


James Leasor’s work is now being re-issued in a series of e-books.