Another Aston at Brooklands.

by lureofspeed

A fine and hitherto unseen shot came to the collection recently:

Aug 32

This is Mortimer Morris-Goodall, and I believe the event is the B.A.R.C. Meeting at Brooklands in August 1932. The car is his own daily transport, ‘LM7’, a works two-seater International that raced in the Tourist Trophy, at Le Mans and at Brooklands in the ‘Double Twelve’ the year before. ‘Mort’ went on to race the car for the factory at Le Mans the following year (and compete a further ten times in various cars into the Fifties).  In 1935 he founded the Aston Martin Owner’s Club.

MMGH - Copy

The comment on the rear of the photo is interesting. I suspect ‘being assembled’ means being put back in to road trim for the trip home. The driver has clearly finished his day of racing, and I expect will have a wash in the Club House behind this pit stall before motoring back home. At the time, the car was parked on the street in central London. It had no ignition key..

LM7 has been raced very extensively – in period and very actively since. Here it lines up for the 2012 Mille Miglia in the hands of the Piantelli brothers:

Italy 987

** In 1934 Mort’s daughter Jane Goodall was born. Famous as an anthropologist, primateologist and, since the Gary Larson incident, a good sport.